Watch Jennifer Lawrence Make Summer Fashion Fun Again

Jennifer Lawrence’s New York style leans heavily on the minimalist Upper East Side chic her friends Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hone at The Row. In winter, her wardrobe revolves around ankle boots, swaddled scarves and wrap coats, but come summer, a more playful side of Jennifer emerges.

The hallmarks of stealth luxury – The Row’s 90s bag, as well as the label’s Luka shirt and Morton jeans – are still there, but other brands are scrambling for attention when she dresses . HVN, a playful print brand founded by Harley Viera-Newton, is a seasonal favorite because of the flattering, vintage-inspired silhouettes and cheerful patterns that signal the actor doesn’t take himself too seriously. The Maria shirt dress and Laura sundress, both detailed with seaside designs, are recent favorites, which Lawrence likes to pair with the Melissa jelly shoes.

HVN dresses are a mainstay of Jennifer’s cheerful summer wardrobe.

Yes, you read that right. The nostalgic rubber sandals of your childhood are back. Jennifer’s bubblegum-scented vegan plastic pair echoes the shape of the classic fisherman sandal, but matches the colorful ugly shoe trend spawned by Crocs. Hers are a splash-proof sheer shade, but Lawrence also has them in pink. (Retailing for less than £60, it’s no wonder she’s had a full load!)

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