These 3 shoes can get you through 4 months of hiking

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Raise your hand if you’re a chronic over-packer. Got a hand? Mine is also in solidarity with my suitcase-stuffing colleagues.

That’s why I’m taking notes on this TikTok #TravelHack made by a woman who says she traveled Europe with just *three* pairs of shoes. Yes, you read that right – just three pairs of shoes for four months of adventures, including strolling city streets, showering in hostels and dancing in European nightclubs. My anxious self, “Am I forgetting something?” never…

In her recent TikTok, designer @Samandherbackpack (Sam) took viewers to the exact styles she crammed into her bag on a solo trek across the continent. (Proof that you really don’t need to pack six pairs of shoes on a week’s vacation…) “These shoes are the best,” Sam wrote in his caption, before showing off the sneakers. “Make sure you don’t pack more than three pairs of shoes because they’re heavy.”

@samandherbackpack Reply to @steele.your.heart These shoes are the best! Make sure you don’t bring more than three pairs of shoes because they are heavy 😥 #backpacking #solotraveler #backpackingeurope #solotravel #travelgoals #backpackertips #packingtips ♬ original sound – Sam

Unsurprisingly, the three shoes she relied on were from reliable brands known for making shoes that can be worn on month-long adventures or simple grocery runs. They’re comfortable, sturdy and supportive, and if they can survive rocky Italian beaches and Croatian kayaking, they’ll also survive your everyday life. But if you do having a summer vacation in the works, take a tip from Sam and pack lightly. Find her exact three styles below.

1. Teva Midform Universal

The “life-changing” shoes that Sam dangles in front of the screen appear to be the Teva Midform Universal ($60) in black, a flat, mid-height waterproof sandal. “A lot of the beaches I’ve found in Europe are rocky,” she says. “So you can wear them at the beach, in hostel showers and with a nice dress.”

These sturdy sandals are nearly identical to the Original Universal ($55), but they’re a little taller, designed with a 1.25-inch EVA midsole. The top straps are completely waterproof, made from a quick-drying recycled poly webbing that can handle saltwater and freshwater. But it’s the versatility we like the most. Especially when you need to pack light, having a sandal that can do it all (and is easy to put on and Velcro off, to boot) is a game changer.

Buy them here:

2. Hoka One One Gavioto 4

Of Classes The Hoka One One sneakers got Sam through four months of backpacking – they’re practically luxury mattresses for your feet. In the video, she shows off a worn pair of black Gavioto 4s ($170) that allowed her to average 15,000 to 25,000 steps a day, so you know this is the real deal. “It saved my feet,” she said in the TikTok. “They’re really comfortable and supportive.”

Our team confirms that Hoka sneakers are, indeed, unmatched in comfort and support. These are the same shoes our trade editor, Gina Vaynshteyn, uses to walk her dogs three miles a day. Likewise, it’s the same brand our former Associate Editor of Brand Initiatives, Ali Finney, praised for making the “most cloud-like shoe” she’s ever stepped on. Walk, train, hike, travel – you’ll be hard pressed to find anything super stealthy can not do, making it a staple in every wardrobe.

Buy them here:

3.Vans Old Skool

Will the Vans Old Skool Classic Sneakers ($70) ever go out of fashion? We think not – It’s been a fan favorite since 1977, with no end of support in sight. Turns out they were Sam’s “fancy” shoes (“You can’t put heels in a backpack, don’t try”) that she wore to nightclubs and discos Europeans.

While Vans are traditionally skate shoes, their versatility makes them ideal for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion. They’re made from canvas, which means there’s probably no tonne of support in the upper, so if you’re going to be walking long distances, aim for the Hoka. But if you’re short on space and want a low-profile shoe that can take you out for drinks or late-night dancing, Old Skools are a great option. Lightweight, minimalist and spill-proof, you’ll want to rock for the next 50 years.

Buy them here:

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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