‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals the Secret She’s Hiding on Her Cooking Show

Ree Drummond has made a startling confession about a secret she’s been hiding on camera on her cooking show. The pioneer woman The star is stealthy so viewers never see her, but one of her daughters once revealed it.

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Ree Drummond shares her secret – and it’s all about comfort

Drummond revealed his secret in an April Facebook post. “The real moment of confession: Even though you mostly see me in boots, my everyday shoe ‘uniform’ in the house is a pair of comfy flip flops!” she shared.

The Food Network host continued, “I can’t explain why, but it’s the most comfortable thing I can put on my feet, and I’m sold for life. Here’s a good recap of the different brands — the brand I’m wearing is slide #15! (I have about five different pairs in the house. So do my reading glasses!)”

Drummond’s confession links to an article on The Pioneer Woman’s website titled “Best Flip-Flops With Arch Support You Can Wear All Day.”

She referred to slide 15 as her favorite shoe, the FitFlop Women’s Lulu Thong Sandal. The caption explained, “Get a stylish kick with this minimalist platform sandal featuring a triangular leather upper and ergonomic midsoles. Get it in a wear-with-everything neutral or a fun print.

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Drummond’s comfy shoes made an accidental appearance

While Drummond likes to keep her comfy shoes out of sight of the camera, her daughter Paige has already taken pictures of the Food Network star’s sneakers.

In an April 2020 Instagram post, Drummond captioned a video, “Paige wasn’t supposed to film my shoes.”

In the clip, Paige grabbed Drummond’s shoes as she stood by the stove, telling her mom, “Nice shoes.”

The pioneer woman star asked, “What are you doing? It’s a secret here!

She continued, “It’s all business upstairs and it’s a party downstairs.”

Paige recorded her mother’s outfit, down to her shoes, while Drummond did an awkward dance.

Fans of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star love her shoe choice

Drummond’s confession on Facebook prompted many of his fans to talk about his functional fashion choice. “FitFlops are so comfortable! I love their slides,” one follower wrote.

Another fan commented, “I love your comparison to reading glasses and the FitFlops! I have so many pairs of FitFlops too!

Others expressed their love for the comfort sandal with comments like, “I love FitFlops! My favorite too!”, Hey me too. You always have so much taste”, “I also love the FitFlops! I have 3 pairs, they are nice and supportive”, and “I agree. I wear mine all day and everywhere!

Another follower shared, “This is the brand I wear and let me tell you they saved me a lot of foot pain. I just love them! I have been wearing this brand for at least three years. Try them!”

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