The best sandals for your summer fun

Luke Cuenco 07.13.22

Summer shoes: the best sandals for your summer pleasures

Sandals are a great way to get outdoors without stepping in a constant pool of sweat from your feet. Wicked, I know, but the point is keeping your feet in boots, or even dedicated trail shoes can leave them feeling swampy and smelling like a midsummer Phish concert. Although lacking a bit of ankle support, your feet will easily cross river banks, rocky terrain, sand, grass and just about anywhere you want to take them without getting waterlogged. all day and today’s options are not only comfortable to wear for short periods of time, they’re actually about as good as shoes in many cases. Today we’re going to be looking at the best sandals you can buy and wear on your next trip out into the great outdoors for summer fun.

Summer shoes: the best sandals for your summer pleasures

Summer shoes: the best sandals for your summer pleasures



1. Teva Original Universal Urban Sandal


Teva Original Universal Urban Sandal

The budget option

The original sport sandal emerged from the shores of the Grand Canyon in 1984. Born out of the need to keep sandals from floating downstream, an ingenious river guide attached two Velcro watch straps to a pair of old flip flops. The universal urban sandal is comfortable, has lots of fun style options from many top retailers, and comes at a price that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

Advantages/Stylish, comfortable, ideal for all-purpose use

The inconvenients/Not very durable

Conclusion/Ideal for holiday trips where you’ll be mostly on paved surfaces, but you need to be prepared for off-roading.

2. KEEN Newport H2 Water Sandal with Toe Protection


KEEN Newport H2 Water Sandal with Toe Protection

The KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal is a rugged sandal for adventures that move between the water and the trails without having time to stop. In the kayak, out of the kayak, head up a creek and take a photo of the hidden waterfall, then turn around and get back in the boat. If your warm weather adventures mimic anything like this, then the protective rubber toe and outsole will feel like heaven on your feet. No bruised toes from kicking, stand on the platforms with razor slatted soles. The upper is a washable polyester webbing with a hydrophobic mesh lining. So when they need to be cleaned up from the hustle and bustle of summer, toss them in the washer and lay them out on the back porch to dry.

Advantages/Excellent coverage for walking in water with excellent protection for the toes and sides of the feet.

The inconvenients/The extra material can pick up nasty odors pretty quickly (luckily they’re machine washable)

Conclusion/Ideal for those who like to hang out in or on the water.

3. KEEN Kids’ Newport NEO H2 Sandal


KEEN Kids' Newport NEO H2 Sandal

An option for children

All the breathability of sandals with the added comfort and protection of shoes. With a sole capable of tackling any terrain, nothing can stop it in the Newport Neo. It feels active and athletic with lightweight durability that makes it its go-to sandal for all the rough stuff and drops. I like just about everything about the Kids NEO H2 sandals except for the price tag which might be a bit high for some parents who are just trying to put their kids in something that will protect their bare feet from the ground.

Advantages/Great traction, a bit of ankle support and a simple velcro lacing system.

The inconvenients/A bit pricey for kids sandals but if you want the best this is it.

Conclusion/A frustration-free way to meet your child’s outdoor footwear needs

4. Classic Chaco Z/1


Chaco Z/1 Classic

The Chaco Men’s Z/1 Classic Sandal is an adjustable sandal for water and trail exploration. By the sea, lake or trail, the ChacoGrip rubber outsole grips any surface you walk on, helping you stay on your feet, even in slippery situations. The webbing strap wraps the foot, adjustable to your preference so you can snug when getting in and out of the water, or wear them loose when hanging out around town. You’ll fall in love with the LUVSEAT™ PU sockliner and not just for the comfort, but for the support it gives your arches day after day.

Advantages/Plenty of adjustability with great durability and comfort for all-day riding

The inconvenients/Like all fabric wristbands, they can cause nasty blisters with prolonged use, especially when wet. No toe protection.

Conclusion/Ideal for keeping your toes nice and free on a wide variety of terrains and conditions

5. Ecco Yucatan Sandals


Ecco Yucatan sandals

I have tried many brands of sandals and have always found the Ecco Yucatan sandals to be the most comfortable and stable, and the most true to size. One caveat is that it is not wide and my feet are wide, I dispute that. However, the sandals are quite water resistant and feature a very nice supportive leather interior construction fitted with a stretchy lining that prevents your feet from getting blisters on the straps and edges. If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, durability, and fit, you should check out the Yucatan.

Advantages/Excellent combination of fit, comfort, support and durability

The inconvenients/Not wide sizes, a bit more expensive than standard hiking sandals.

Conclusion/My personal recommendation.

Are sandals acceptable for long hikes?

Hiking in sandals has many benefits, including greater breathability and less water retention when crossing streams and streams, and they also have the added benefit of cooling your feet throughout the day instead to make them sweat inside boots or hiking shoes. The only real major downside to sandals is that they more often than not tend to be more uncomfortable to wear and lack any kind of ankle support you would need for really rough terrain. Another downside is that they can collect debris quite easily under or inside the sandals, making them uncomfortable until you can stop and pull out anything that has wandered into your insole.

Do the sandals provide enough traction to keep me from slipping?

Some do. Most of the options on this list are good enough to keep you stable on the water, but cheaper sandals, probably the ones you’ll find for less than $50 or more at Wal-Mart and the like, probably won’t have the right kinds of materials. and the traction patterns that dedicated river or hiking sandals will have on them. If you plan to go boating or hiking in areas where there is water in sandals, it is better to spend the extra money on a quality pair that can handle a bit of moisture. without getting on your butt.

Do you have to wear socks with sandals to avoid blisters?

Even though it’s a fashion faux pas to wear socks with sandals, sometimes it’s just a good idea. If you’re going to be surrounded by a lot of sand, gravel, or dirt and don’t like the feel or abrasiveness on your feet when that stuff inevitably gets inside your sandals, a pair of socks cheap neoprene will do. to keep debris out of your toes and feet while maintaining the water-friendly nature of your sandals.

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