The 15 best pairs of shoes you don’t have to break

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Have you ever tried on a pair of shoes in the store, walked back and forth (you know that one), and thought they were comfortable… only to come home and realize that after a single use, they were going to take time to get in? Or do you risk taking a long walk or run in a new pair of shoes to come home with angry feet?

It’s a common phenomenon and it’s something that many people will endure in the name of trendy style. Some people, however, seek comfort above all else. Fortunately, the days when people had to give up one in favor of the other are over. With that in mind, keep reading for the best pairs of shoes ever that are cute and, most importantly, comfortable, from the moment you try them on.

The best shoes you don’t have to break

Salvas White Leather Cariuma LWG Sneakers — $98.00

Loved by celebrities like Pete Davidson and Dame Helen Mirren (as well as W+G editors), Cariuma makes durable sneakers that require no break-in time (trust us, we’ve tried every style they offer!). This is due to the high quality, soft leather (sourced from LWG Gold Rated tanneries) that the brand uses. Other features like a non-slip sole make it ideal for walking on almost any surface, and a soft, sturdy and supportive (say, three times) cork insole. We love the latest launch (the Salvas), but the brand has *so* many other great and comfortable styles to choose from—check them out here.

ugg slippers

UGG Coquette Slippers — $120.00

It’s no secret that UGG is back and bigger than ever. Alongside the brand’s beloved boots is the resurgence of their slippers as outdoor footwear. The UGG Coquette slippers, which are sold in five colors, offer the convenience of a slide with the comfort of a classic UGG boot, with the added bonus of a thick yet lightweight outsole that makes them a great option for outdoor wear. . are for indoors.

fit flop

FitFlop Vitamin FF Knit Sports Sneakers — $140.00

FitFlop isn’t your mother’s comfort shoe brand (although it used to be). Nowadays, the comfortable shoe company has made strides to become more stylish and as such, has launched its Vitamin FF knit sports sneakers. Sold in five colors, the trainers are the epitome of comfort, thanks to the flexible sole, sockliner and upper, as well as high-rebound cushioning. Plus, unlike many slip-on sneakers, they stay in place while jumping and running, which also makes them a great option for people looking for a workout shoe.


Saucony Women’s Ride 14 — $105.00

Speaking of training shoes, the Saucony Women’s Ride running shoes are a plush dream. Despite the ultra-soft insole and sole, these best-selling sneakers are designed to be responsive and supportive, making them the perfect companion for walking, jogging, running and jumping. They’re sold in 13 colors, ranging from neutral to bold, so there’s something for everyone.


Birdie The Blackbird Washable Flats – $120.00

Designed to look like slippers, these washable ballet flats are about as comfortable as office shoes. They’re sold in four classic colors and two seasonal patterns, and best of all, they’re machine washable. While they’re incredibly comfortable from day one, if you find the pointy-toe loafers aren’t for you, you can take advantage of the brand’s 30-day fit guarantee to return them for a refund.

suits you

Teva Original Universal — $55.00

Now that the weather is warming up, you may be dreaming of outdoor adventures. Whether you want to hit the park or splash around in the river, a pair of Teva Original Universal sandals are a worthwhile purchase. Sold in 14 colors, the quick-drying sandals are designed to withstand sweat, water, mud, and more. And, although they are flat sandals, these Teva shoes offer ample support thanks to a molded EVA midsole, with a heel counter and arch support.


APL TechLoom Breeze — $220.00

Whether you’re looking for the perfect trainers or shoes for the TSA, the APL TechLoom Breeze trainers are a comfortable and stylish option. Loved by celebrities, athletes and influencers, these slip-on trainers have laces to further tailor the foot-hugging upper to the mold of your feet. While they’re designed to give your soles ample cushion for bouncing, they’re also incredibly lightweight, so they’ll never weigh you down. Plus, the fact that they’re knitted makes them easy to pack into cramped luggage, so they’re also great as packed travel shoes.


Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandals — $50.00

Leather Birkenstocks, as classic as they are, are notorious for requiring a break-in period. Their new rubber iterations – the Arizona Eva – do not. Waterproof sandals are comfortable as soon as you put them on and can be worn both barefoot and with socks. They’re also sold in 12 trendy colors and prints, and at a fraction of the price of the original leather version, you might want to buy more than one pair.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star — $55.00

We probably don’t need to sell them to you — they might already be a closet staple, and if not, you probably wore them in middle school or high school. Endlessly flexible and comfortable (the more you wear them, the better they get), The chucks are even approved by podiatrists to be one of the best shoes you can wear in weightlifting. And they come in an almost endless amount of colors.


Crocs Classic Lined Clogs – $60.00

Now, we know Crocs are getting mixed reactions, but one look at celebrity and influencer culture and you’ll see rubber clogs are having a major moment. Unsurprisingly, the controversial shoes are incredibly comfortable, not to mention practical. From an extra-comfortable stance, lined clogs are a particularly great option, as the classic soft and supportive insole is lined with fuzzy sherpa. Plus, the new Celery colorway? We faint.


Rothy’s Stitch – $145.00

Looking for something to wear to the office without feeling like you’re wearing a professional pair of uncomfortable pointy shoes? Discover The Point apartments by Rothy. Made from recycled plastic water bottles, the lightweight and flexible ballet flats are not only comfortable but also durable. One thing to note: despite their looks, these machine washable shoes don’t stretch. With that in mind, you might want to go down a half size if they fit snugly.


Adidas Ultraboost 22 Shoes — $152.00

Behold: one of the most comfortable sneakers we’ve ever tried. From the super-cushioned sole to the ankle protection layered in the sock-like upper, these sneakers, which come in 17 colors, hug your feet with every step. The result? Comfortable, blister-free clothes as soon as you put them on, whether you wear them for walking, running or sprinting.


Keds Feat. Organic cotton — $40.00

Another shoe you probably owned as a kid, the Keds are comfortable no kidding. If you want to change things up from the standard canvas tennis shoe, these kicks have a slight platform for extra height. Plus, they’re made with organic cotton, which makes them incredibly soft (yet durable).

i'm moaning

M. Gemi The Mia Slingback Heel — $328.00

If you’re looking for a heel that has little to no break-in time, our trade editor has found a unicorn: the Mia slingback from M Gemi. Only a few sizes left in the gold and black (the beige colorway has more choices thankfully), but if you can get yourself a pair, Sunday brunch/date night/clubbing you will be so happy. Crafted from supple Italian leather, this heel features elastic support that stretches as you walk (no stiffness that blisters your heels) and a small heel that allows you to walk on long distances (if you must).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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