Sperry Sport Review: An Editor’s Honest Thoughts

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Back when I was a lanky, corset-faced college kid, Sperry was the “it” shoe of choice. Paired with Abercrombie low rise jeans (which coincidentally made a comeback) and not one, but of them Hollister polo shirts (collars skipped, of course) and Sperry’s signature boat shoes were the icing on the cake.

Flash forward nearly two decades later, and once again, I’m simply in love with my Sperry shoes. Only this time, not because they’re making me look like a million dollar yacht. This time I’m prioritizing function over beauty, although they’re damn cute, IMO, thanks to the brand new Sperry Sport line.

During a recent press trip to Miami, I was able to attend the brand’s launch and test out its new line of water-friendly outdoor shoes. With spring fast approaching and a summer full of adventures to look forward to, I couldn’t wait to get these shoes on my feet. After two days of paddle boarding, swimming, boating and other water activities, I already knew I would be wearing these bad boys all season.

Sperry Sport isn’t the brand’s first dive into marine sneakers – it was born on the water in 1933 with its original non-slip boat shoe, designed to help sailors stay on deck. Now he wants sailors and anglers/kayakists/paddlers/swimmers/beach lovers and more to enjoy the open water (“the world’s greatest playground”) with its new line of stylish performance shoes. All six new styles are “built to withstand the rigors and demands of a wide range of water and shore activities,” according to a statement, each made with that iconic non-slip tread, more Quick drying, comfortable materials.

After testing, I can guarantee that these shoes are built to withstand “the rigors and demands” on and near the water. The Women’s 7 Seas 3-Eye Sneaker ($90) particularly won my heart, thanks to its versatility and waterproofness that can be worn way beyond the shore. It’s technically a water shoe, so you can completely submerge it, worry-free. But its slip-on design and featherweight make it a perfect everyday shoe for things like commuting and running errands. Especially as the spring season arrives and mid-day showers become more frequent, this casual sneaker will be your best friend, guaranteed to keep you comfortable and dry in the middle of the walk (while looking good too). , nothing less). Believe me, no one will ever know it’s a water shoe.

The second style I’ll be living in all summer is the Women’s Water Strider ($55), the water shoe you’ll *actually* want to wear. My springs and summers are spent floating on boats and paddle boards, so I’ve tried lots of water shoes – these go beyond your standard velcro sandal to something that will keep you easy and looks cute.

The first thing to notice in Water Striders is the look and feel. These colorful, perforated shoes feature a slip-on design that makes them easy to slip on and off, while lightweight EVA materials feel like you’re walking on clouds. These airy uppers make them ideal for carrying in beach bags or packing in suitcases, not to mention padding in boat storage or under kayak seats.

And while other water shoes fall off mid-dive or are too heavy to wear mid-paddle, I’ve been impressed with how effective they are. This slip-on design stays on your feet, so you won’t have to worry about them coming off after diving. (Otherwise they float, making them easy to retrieve.) are sticky enough to make walking across a boat deck or standing up on a paddleboard a breeze, without compromising your “feel” or score points. ‘balance. And these perforations make them dry so fast – whether you’re fully submerged or just splashed on the shore, they’re sure to dry in minutes.

No matter what your spring or summer plans are, Sperry Sport truly has a shoe for you. From braving an offshore rainstorm, these shoes will keep your feet happy no matter what.

Shop the rest of the Sperry Sport collection below

Men’s Rocker Wave — $120.00

Soul Cycle meets sailing in this flexible, waterproof sneaker. It looks like a cycling shoe, with its low profile and grippy sole. Only these feature a perforated, sock-like neoprene upper backed by an innovative TPU external harness for a more comfortable and supportive fit. Available in navy and white.

Men’s Sea Kite Sport Moc Boat — $110.00

Like the classic boat shoe, but better. These loafers feature the trademark tread that reduces slipping on wet and dry surfaces, water-resistant leather for easy drying, and a molded EVA footbed for comfort every step of the way. not. Available in brown and gray.

Men’s Harbormaster 2.0 Sneakers — $80.00

A water-friendly take on the brand’s original Harbormaster sneaker that features a vented hydrophobic upper and increased midsole cushioning to absorb shock from waves, deck hulls, and more.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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