Sarah Flint Store is now open in Nashville

Enter a Sarah Flint store and you are greeted with an offer of tea and a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

If it weren’t for the gorgeous shoes lining the walls like works of art, it would be like walking into your chicest friend’s living room. The luxury shoe brand made by women, for women has built a cult following by proving that style, quality and comfort can (and should) co-exist in high-end women’s shoes. And now, with the brand’s first-ever permanent store opening at the Mall at Green Hills, Sarah Flint is taking the intimidation out of luxury shoe shopping and giving Nashvillians an inviting new experience.

Massachusetts native Sarah Flint has been obsessed with shoes for as long as she can remember. When she founded her eponymous brand in 2013, she wanted to implement the qualities she consistently lacked in luxury women’s footwear. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Flint moved to Italy to study manufacturing and learned firsthand about the engineering that goes into shoe design. She believed that style shouldn’t mean sacrifice, so she decided to be the change she wanted to see.

“I wanted to create shoes that were both beautiful and elegant, but also had those cut details that I felt luxury shoes lacked. I used to save up for a very expensive pair of shoes, then go to the cobbler and have the toe box stretched, arch support put on, and some rubber on the bottom. I didn’t want people to have to do that,” Flint says.

Since its inception, Flint shoes have been worn by stars such as Cindy Crawford, Meghan Markle, Serena Williams and Karlie Kloss, to name a few. With hit classics like the Natalie (available in ballerina and sling styles), the perfect pump, the perfect sandal, booties and more, every Sarah Flint shoe is expertly crafted with the highest quality materials. and tested extensively to ensure it stands the test of time. The shoes are certified 100% made in Italy in partnership with some of the best artisans and family factories in Italy. And the craftsmanship that goes into each shoe’s functionality is equally apparent in its style. The brand depicts femininity in all its beauty with intricate details, impeccable design and incandescent shades.

“There are a lot of complex and unexpected details. Things like an asymmetrical knot integrated into the pattern or a V-shaped vamp, small elegant details. I’m very inspired by anything vintage, so you’ll also see a lot of retro types of heels or covered button details: things you don’t see as much in modern shoes today,” Flint says. “The design details come from the boss work; it is also something fundamental in my way of designing. It’s not about putting a bunch of nails on top, or bows, or things like that. It’s about how it’s actually integrated into the way the shoe is made.

After several successful pop-up stores in New York, DC and Dallas, Flint knew the time was right to open the brand’s first permanent storefront. Echoing the timeless charm of the shoes themselves, the Green Hills store is reminiscent of a New England garden party brought to life. The store’s calm, light blue color scheme, accented with pops of red and brightly colored carpets, is homey and welcoming, largely because it was inspired by Flint’s personal style. One wall is embellished with framed pieces of wallpaper from Flint’s apartment; the fine china of her wedding list rests on beautiful shelves of shoes; and comfy sofas include multiple seating vignettes throughout the store. From molding to chandeliers, to finding a local bakery to replicate her family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, no detail was overlooked. Flint also worked with a variety of female-founded and led sellers on the store’s interior design to bring her vision to life.

“My idea was to make it look like you were walking into my living room at my house. Very comfortable, because I felt like in many cases you were walking into a luxury store and it’s like the guy in costume and it’s so intimidating. That’s why we have tea and cookies for people when they come in,” says Flint. Further adding to its inviting nature, the store also has a dressing room, in which every size of the top-selling shoe styles is on display for customers to easily try on.

“It’s really important because I wanted to have this experience where people don’t feel intimidated. They can just walk in and try something without the pressure to buy, but really the incentive to walk in and experience the product and the brand,” says Flint.

Flint is excited to take the next step and establish a foothold in Music City with the opening of the storefront. Already having a top customer base in the city and high demand, the decision to locate in Nashville seemed like the perfect fit. And at Sarah Flint, customers can also find their perfect fit.

“I think we’re creating a very different type of luxury experience: something comfortable, welcoming and really inviting that encourages people to come in and experience the brand,” Flint says. “Hopefully we’ll be here for many years to come and really become a household name in Nashville.”

(The Mall at Green Hills, 2126 Abbott Martin Rd. Ste. 222, 866-237-8760;

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