Products of the week: chocolate chip cookies and an NPH surprise

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Every week, our inbox is overflowing with news about gear, apparel, and tech news from around the world. In this feature, we will analyze the best of them. Today: Levain Bakery concocts new treats, Yarbo launches a lawn care robot and Neil Patrick Harris teams up with Ron Dorff for a family-centric capsule.

Autumn Chocolate Chunk Cookies LEvain Bakery

Bakery Levian

Here’s an autumnal riddle for you: What’s as big as a softball, tastier than a PSL, and more comforting than the return of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix? That would be the brand new Fall Chocolate Chunk cookie from Levain Bakery. If you live in New York (or anywhere with one of their new bakeries now that they’re spreading across the country), you know that Levain’s huge, gooey, flavorful cookies are worth the wait in ridiculously long queues for; and while this new seasonal treat (a mouth-watering blend of ginger, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, molasses and chocolate) is available in stores, it’s mostly available for shipping nationwide. Having been on the don and receiving a box of Levain cookies ourselves, let us tell you that there is no better surprise than receiving in the mail. But if you just want to order some for yourself, that’s cool too.

a pair of Red Wing Iron Ranger leather boots on a gray background

Same Old Collection by Red Wing Heritage

red wing

To prove that Red Wing boots can be licked and kicked on, the brand’s Heritage arm has put together an exciting new collection of…old gear? The 50-piece Same Old line is comprised entirely of vintage merchandise—Iron Ranger boots, a former J.Crew collab, denim jackets—that have been cleaned and refurbished, ready to be worn for decades to come. It’s a treasure trove from Red Wing’s past, which is why most of the items have already been sold. But there are still a few gems still waiting for the right buyer.

a photo of a light gray sofa in a chic modern bedroom

Burrow Union Seating Collection


Direct-to-consumer furniture has not always been known for its comfort. Modularity? Sure. Ease of shipping? Sure. Sleek design? Uh. But when you’re giving up thousands of dollars for a living room sofa, a lot of people are looking for the kind of furniture you can really get comfortable on. Burrow heard that feedback and responded by creating the new Union Collection, its “biggest, deepest, plushest” sofa and sectional design yet. Wider legs melt away the wide armrests and deep cushions, but like other Burrow chairs, it still comes free and assembles easily.

a GoPro Hero11 Black camera on a gray background

GoPro Hero11 Black


It’s September, which means it’s time for GoPro to release an updated version of its signature action camera and try to convince everyone that the latest is indeed the best. We certainly thought they nailed it last year, and together with the Hero11 they’re a compelling case with three unique options: the classic camera, the Creator’s Edition (which adds a bunch of extras, like the ingenious Volta grip that also acts as a battery extender) and the Hero11 Black Mini (due out October 25). We still love the functionality of the standard camera, which is updated this year with a larger sensor, richer colors, better stabilization (which doesn’t even seem possible), a wider field of view, and battery life. More resistant Enduro. GoPro is still the best in the business because they don’t rest on their laurels.

Neil Patrick Harris and his family carrying Ron Dorff

Ron Dorff + Neil Patrick Harris

Ron Dorf

Swedish label Ron Dorff has teamed up with our pal Neil Patrick Harris for a dapper Dad/Dad collection, a nod to the “DAD” branded t-shirts that Dorff is so well known for. The twenty-piece collection features Ron Dorff’s minimal aesthetic combined with the familiar sensibilities of Neil Patrick Harris, with “Papa” and “Dad” plastered across the chest of lambswool sweatshirts and cotton t-shirts ultra-mild organic. The paternally leaning pieces are also for a good cause: 15% of the proceeds from the collection will go to World Central Kitchen run by chef José Andrés, a non-profit charity dedicated to providing meals in the aftermath of disasters natural.

a collage of Bowery salad packets on a light green background

Bowery Salad Sets

Bowery salad

The largest vertical agricultural company in the United States, Bowery is trying to expand its customer base with a new line of ready-to-eat salads. The fork and savory kits come in three varieties: Zesty Caesar with roasted chickpeas and crisp parmesan chips; Avocado Ranch with pepitas and tortilla strips; and balsamic vinaigrette with pita chips, dried cranberries and roasted cashews, all 360 calories or less. The base of all three kits is Bowery’s new and improved Crispy Leaf Greens, a crunchy cousin to classic iceberg lettuce.

a Yarbo lawn care robot in a field of grass



What is a Yarbo? For this Kickstarter project – already funded at $2.3 million with 37 days to go – that means a smart, modular garden robot that you can adjust to be a lawn mower, snow blower or leaf blower.

a Croc shoe with the 7/11 branding and giblets on a gray background

7-11 X Crocs Collaboration


After releasing a limited edition “Mega Crush” clog with a raised heel and a bold color scheme featuring 7-Eleven’s signature color that sold out faster than you can tell Slurpee, 7-Eleven and Crocs are back with three more collaborations, including a classic clog and classic sandal. Adorned with charms including 7-Eleven brand hot dogs, coffee and pizza, the funky shoe will be released on November 7. (11/7, got it?)

a clear bottle of Javelin Vodka with a blue and yellow label on a gray background

Vodka Javelin

Vodka Javelin

Made from American grains and Californian grapes, 100% of the proceeds from this vodka – from O’Neill Vintners and Distillers (a B Corp) – will be donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

a few jars of Le Domaine skincare on a marble worktop

The Skin Care Domain

The Skin Care Domain

Certified hottie and ‘fit god’ Brad Pitt is getting into the skincare game with The Domain. Mark as clean, green and conscious without compromising their effectiveness, the line – made in collaboration with the Perrin family, with whom Pitt once worked for his Château Miraval vineyard – may be prohibitively expensive, but we can only imagine how all these beautiful, vegan , centered on the grape are incredibly excellent. products are.

a few bottles of barrel aged momofuku soy sauce on a marble counter

Momofuku Barrel Aged Soy Sauce


David Chang teamed up with New York’s Kings County Distillery to create a limited-edition wood-aged soy sauce, which rested in bourbon casks for six months. This allows some notes of caramel, vanilla and holiday spice to seep through; the end result is always great for food (especially fish) but also works, interestingly, in a tasty Old Fashioned.

a cocktail on a bar in front of two different bottles of alcohol

Rattlesnake Rosie’s Pumpkin Pie Flavored Whiskey

Rattlesnake Rosie

Iron Smoke is an upstate New York distillery that adds a touch of applewood smoke to their whiskey projects. And they play with flavors, too, from maple bacon to this 70-degree pumpkin pie whiskey, a blend of natural pumpkin with hints of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and vanilla. Apparently, this makes a great Boilermaker combo with Pumpkin Beer.

an Oral-B toothbrush system on a gray background

Oral-B iO Series 5 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush


Oral-B’s all-new electric toothbrush features multiple personalized brushing modes, smart pressure sensor, redesigned brush head with “twist” bristles, and an app that will follow you and will guide you towards better oral hygiene.

a model in a green fleece top with outside voices

Outside Voices

We know fall isn’t here by the drop in temperature or the changing colors of the leaves, but by a new drop Outdoor Voices MegaFleece. Part of the new OV Outdoors collection launched earlier this week, the MegaFleece Snap Up – an exceptionally comfortable oversized sweater made from 63% recycled wool – is now available in two seasonally appropriate colourways: a lightweight dove/rayon moon and a lush conifer.

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