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PESHAWAR: Vests are the tuxedos of Pakistan and an important part of Pashtun culture, many believe that Eid is only complete in Peshawar with vest, shalwar kameez and traditional Peshawari chappals (sandals).

“It is part of our culture and there is a need to buy a new vest and Peshwari chappals every Eid,” one of the men shopping at the Chitrali bazaar told Aaj News.

With Eid fast approaching, many are flocking to the bazaar to buy Peshawari vests and chappals but this time it’s a bit more difficult. Prices have increased since last year and the same vests that were available for 700 rupees have gone up to 1,200 rupees, while Peshawari chappals can cost between 1,000 and 6,000 rupees depending on the brand.

One of the reasons for the increased prices of vests is because the fabric is imported from China. Many choose to purchase the imported fabric as it results in a better looking and stronger vest.

Fabric and vests on display in a store. Photo: Azm Rehman

“We import the fabric from China because it makes for a better quality vest that doesn’t get damaged with regular washing. The fabric hangs better and looks better than its Pakistani version. But it is taxed unnecessarily which has increased the overall price of the product,” one of the traders from Chitrali Bazaar told Aaj News.

Pakistani fabric is cheaper but does not last as long.

A man tries on a waistcoat in a shop in Peshawar

Ironically, the price of vests is considerably higher if you travel for just 15 minutes and go to Saddar Bazaar in Peshawar.

Similarly, prices for Peshawari chappals also increased ahead of Eid, as did their demand.

In addition to inflation, some chappal brands have come up with marketing gimmicks and undercover bazaars. Brands such as Kaptaan, which is said to be former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s chappal of choice, or Peshawar Zalmi’s chappals are able to set prices as they see fit.

Kaptaan Chappals

Young adults are particularly influenced by these marketing decisions, with one brand of chappal also touting Indian actor Shahrukh Khan’s Peshawari chappal wearing the movie character Raees.

The Raees Chappals

The cult of personalities has pushed up market prices, making it harder for some to shop for Eid.

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