Margaux City Sandals Are The Best Wedding Shoes: Review

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When I found out my best friend from high school got engaged in January, I was hysterically happy and shouted my congratulations to her over the phone. I was even more ecstatic when she asked me to be bridesmaid, until I realized I would have to wear heels all day.

Of course I would do anything to be by my best friend’s side but having flat feet, ankle pain and a herniated disc in my lower back which leads to debilitating pain if I have to walk all day with shoes without support had worried me. how my body would handle running around all day in sky-high heels doing all the chores a bridesmaid would entail. So I knew I had to find the most comfortable heels for the occasion; elegance should be relegated to the background.

Fortunately, finding the best things to buy is my job. I scoured the retailers and brands I had long heard of as a lifestyle writer, and used Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy option to order dozens of options. . Nothing was going well until I finally tried on the City Sandals by Margaux in the Rose Nappa colourway. The brand sent me a pair to try out, and I knew instantly this would be the one; they are the ultimate combination of style and comfort.

What shocked me first was the softness and support of the insole of the heels. Compared to a pair of Naturalizer heels I originally opted for, the City sandals by Margaux were more stable for my arches and overpronated ankles to walk on. I was surprised that the Margaux heels outperformed the Naturalizer pair since the latter had built-in arch support, but the former’s toe box was even more flexible for my wide feet and bunions.

On the wedding day last week, I tried to put off wearing the heels as much as possible, but estimated that by the end of the night, I had worn them (and danced in them) for 12 hours without ever want to take them off. I didn’t even have time to break them in – something I feared would ruin my feet – but the shoes molded to my feet instantly and gave me plenty of support. I had brought a pair of white sneakers that I thought I should put on after the ceremony, and it wasn’t until I got back to my hotel room after midnight that I realized I had never even thought of swapping my shoes all day.

Best of all, the shoes looked fantastic with my coral bridesmaid dress, and I received endless compliments from my fellow bridesmaids and other wedding guests on my shoes. The low block heels gave me just the right amount of boost so I wouldn’t step on my long dress as I rushed around the room, and the study’s ankle clasp kept the shoes from falling off. of my feet. Although I opted for the shorter heel, people who can handle (or prefer) more height can purchase the 3.5 inch Uptown sandal instead.

To cut to the chase, these Margaux City sandals are spot on. I doubt I’ll ever be a person who has more pairs of heels than sneakers (at this point it’s a ratio of two to 15), but I can’t think of another pair of heels I’d take into first if ever I needed to don something a little more formal.

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