Manolo Blahnik draws inspiration from Italy’s artistic heritage for Spring 2022

Referencing some of the most defining artistic elements of Italy’s colorful and eclectic culture throughout the centuries, Manolo Blahnik’s Spring 2022 collection will bring character and vibrancy to your wardrobe.

The Trianga pump

In homage to the landmark 1960s images of Peggy Moffitt in Rudi Gernreich’s cut-out swimsuit, Blahnik has created a graphic triangular series in a monochromatic design. His vision is expressed here with the Trianga pump, which combines vintage charm and a bold modern spirit.

Timata pump

Commedia dell’arte, or Italian comedy, provided a bold and playful spark of inspiration for Blahnik, who translated the 16th-century art form’s distinctive costumes – defined by scalloped borders and a pastel palette – into this alluring Timanta pump.

The Maysalebi mule

Blahnik revisited the iconic work of other designers created during the golden age of couture in the 1940s and 1950s, which fired his imagination – the result of which is this eye-catching scarlet floral print on the flirtatious Maysalebi mule.

The Caracol sandal and the Trinamu sandal

After repeating that he “cannot live without the beauty of Sicily”, the designer studied vivid 19th century photographs of the island by novelist Giovanni Verga for this collection, then translating their depicted austerity and restraint in the delicate yet sultry Caracol sandal (above, Top).

Opulent and ornate jewelry from the late Georgian period to the early 1800s served as a muse for this season’s embellishments. In particular, the jewelry style’s clean lines and natural patterns inspired the sparkling triangular buckles sculpted on the gemstone-colored Trinamu sandal (above, bottom).

(Main and featured image: Jack Hunter)

This story first appeared in the April 2022 issue of Prestige Singapore.

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