Lookbook Spring / Summer 2022 Collection RICH I


Mark: RICH I

Season: Spring / Summer 2022

Key pieces: Thick leather bags are a trendy but appreciable daily driver, but the highlights are the Uncle pants (wide, crumpled, exposed lining) and a new coat cut in matching navy blue.

Buy: Grenier Sendai, Session, CIENTO

Editor’s Notes: The Japanese fashion scene is becoming much more insular than department stores like Tokyu Hands and Mitsukoshi; it’s even deeper than BEAMS and UNITED ARROWS. To really know what’s going on nationally, you need to survey the small independent shops, the “select shops” that have seasonal deals from local and international brands. You will find young people like STEIN, Dairiku and RICH I.

RICH I is a very young label – SS22 is their second release – supervised by Takeshi Ichinomiya who also works with the slightly older label NO. While not. Often tinkers his products until they are unrecognizable, RICH I prefers to refine the clothes to the bone, maintaining recognizable silhouettes but subverting them with unexpected accents.

Witness the threads hanging from her sweaters and the cropped lining falling from the hems of her wide pants. RICH I’s inspiration is light – it draws heavily on the old style – but its approach to design is sincere.

Sportswear-inspired sweaters revisit heritage by exaggerating the V-insert and vintage item stitching on fine-blend knits while ribbed vests are reversed so they’re slimmer at the chest than at the back. ‘back. A leather weekend is thwarted by jagged stitches to match anatomically shaped shirts and jeans, thus removing the “stale” from “basic” pieces.


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