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Walkaroo sandals and shoes for kids offer quality products at affordable prices.

If you are a parent of young children, you will understand the pain of seeing shoes and sandals in perfect condition that no longer suit your children because they have them too big. Much worse, you paid a large sum and brought home a pair of designer shoes or sandals.

If such a situation, it is always wise to invest in cheaper shoes and sandals. However, sustainability is often questioned in such cases. So the answer to all your problems is to check online platforms not only to get quality products but also to get them at very low prices because there is always a sale of one kind or another. .

On Amazon you can find all kinds of brands, whether well-known or lesser-known. Often it is the lesser known brands that last for many years. We have compiled a list of such shoes from a brand named Walkaroo, which we believe will serve your child well. Take a look.

WALKAROO Wk756, Boy’s Sandals

This functional and stylish pair of sandals is an all-weather pair. Even in northern India in winter, your child can wear them with a pair of warm socks. It’s a lightweight pair of sandals with a soft footbed that was designed for comfort. Its sole is made of polyurethane and it has a slip-on closure. It has a medium shoe width. It is available in four different color combinations. Although discounts vary from size to size, you can get up to 18% off on these.

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WALKAROO Kids Blue Red Sandal 10 UK (WK756)




WALKAROO boys Wk619 Sandal

Here is another pair of comfortable sandals for your child. It is available in two color combinations – those of red and blue. It is a quality product that comes with a hook-and-loop closure. It has a medium show width making it comfortable for children to wear while playing. Its sizes start from 8 UK and go up to 13 UK, however, not all sizes are currently available. The maximum discount available on this pair is 25%.

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WALKAROO Kids Red Sandal 09 UK(WK619)




WALKAROO Girls Wk763 Sandal

This charming sandal is specially designed for tweens and young teens, thanks to its slight hint of heels. It is available in two colors – pale peach and mint. This pair with a medium shoe width is a lightweight product and is available with a snap closure. It has a durable sole and will last you for many seasons. Sizes start from 8 UK and go up to 13 UK. Some sizes may not be currently available.

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WALKAROO Kids Mint Sandal 08 UK (WK763)


Girls’ WALKAROO sandals

This pair of sandals is also for tweens and teens. This too is available with slight heels which will make your girl feel more feminine. It is available in seven different colors. This is a regular fit pair with a medium shoe width and comes with a lace up closure. While its sole is made of polyurethane, its outer material is made of synthetic leather.

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Walkaroo Kids Pink Sandals (WK768) 13 UK


Walkaroo Unisex Children’s Trainers

This pair of sneakers is unisex, intended for both boys and girls. It is available in three different color combinations – grey-pink, black-green and navy-red. This pair has a medium shoe width and comes with a pull-on closure. It has a knitted sock design on the top and looks attractive. Its toe style is round closed.

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Kids Walkaroo Shoe Navy Red (WK333) 5 UK


Prices of Walkaroo children’s shoes at a glance:

Product Price
WALKAROO Wk756, Boy’s Sandals 244.00
WALKAROO Boy Wk619 Sandal 229.00
WALKAROO Girls Wk763 Sandal 269.00
Girls’ WALKAROO sandals 299.00
Walkaroo Unisex Children’s Trainers 219.79 – 299.00

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