General Officine Men and Women Spring 2023 – WWD

Pierre Mahéo is in a festive mood: he is celebrating 10 years of Officine Générale with seven store openings in the second half of the year in locations ranging from Paris and Lyon to Los Angeles. Next year, he plans to open four more stores in the United States

He’s also feeling more confident, refining his collections, which are known for their soft tailoring, and using women’s clothing to inform his masculine styles, and vice versa.

For spring he used silk for the first time in menswear, and for women he added masculine elements such as oversized shirts with towering cuffs, and balanced it with silver jewelry. shiny and sexy.

Womenswear is becoming a bigger part of the collection and now accounts for just over 30% of sales, said Mahéo, who showed roughly the same number of female looks as male ones.

Figures were loose and layered: the models wore tailored suits with rolled up trouser cuffs and they walked around the courtyard of the Hotel de Soubise wearing sandals and handkerchiefs tied loosely around their necks.

Colors were neutral with a military touch and included espresso, olive, navy, and khaki. These were offset by pops of pink rose and dark purple.

Mahéo has worked pattern and texture into the collection in the form of lightweight ikat print trousers; silky pink pajama sets, which he paired with tailored pieces, and lots of lightweight suede for jackets.

Mahéo, who trained as a tailor before launching the brand, said customers love the fit of his clothes and keep coming back, hence the impactful rollout strategy. It will be interesting to see what the next 10 years bring to this hardworking designer.

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