Ganni gave Dr. Scholl’s classic sandals a major makeover

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My pug is constantly licking my ankles and I never understood why until I googled him the other day. Turns out she thinks I’m hurt, not yummy, and is trying to heal me as best she knows how. It’s embarrassing to admit but I can see why she thinks that. My ankles and heels have battle injuries from platform sandals, vintage cowboy boots, and any other type of impractical shoe you can think of.

It doesn’t help that I have a size 10ft wide which I’d all too gladly stick in a dream vintage Miu Miu find from The Real Real, even if it’s two sizes too small. I push my feet to the limit and have never felt inclined to invest in the kind of comfy shoes grandmas love, even though they would do wonders for my blistering situation (and give my dog ​​a rest to play doctor). But then Ganni changed everything, as he often does.

The Scandinavian brand makes my favorite boots of the moment that Bella Hadid also owns; if I could only wear Ganni for the rest of the time, I would be perfectly happy. I think a handful of Hollywood would agree, given that a lot of them wear the brand multiple times. Miley Cyrus wore Ganni knee-high boots to her concerts, Kate Middleton styled a Ganni quilted vest for a recent hike, and Taeyeon wore a Ganni fringed blouse for her Benefit Cosmetics Korea launch. Recently, the brand added an unexpected launch to its long list of collaborations and created an adorable collection of comfortable, podiatrist-approved sandals with Dr. Scholl’s.

Just like with the Manolo Blahnik x Birkenstock sandal, Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s launch is a collection I would never have put on my 2022 fashion bingo card. But clearly stylish brands see the value of a comfortable shoe in which you could walk for miles without accumulating a single blister, just as much as a statement shoe worthy of a magazine editorial.

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s canvas sandals

But the fashion girl uniform is evolving, comfort becoming a major necessity. Take a look at Emily Ratajkowski earlier this week: she wore a sheer, pleated Coperni dress with a pair of Salomon sneakers. Thing is, dad’s shoes or grandma’s sandals are really cool again because they give any look the kind of cognitive dissonance that everyone in fashion craves. It just makes sense. And it’s only a matter of time before models start pairing their nude dresses with these Ganni x Dr Scholl sandals.

Sandal from the original collection of Dr. Scholl

Shop the collection below, featuring what’s related to summer’s ultimate comfy sandal.

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s Blue Logo Canvas Sandal

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s canvas sandals

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s Heart canvas sandal

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s canvas sandals

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s checked canvas sandal

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s canvas sandals

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s Floral Sandals

Ganni x Dr. Scholl’s canvas sandals

Dr. Scholls Original Collection Sandal

Sandal from the original collection of Dr. Scholl

Dr. Scholl’s Original Max Pastel Platform Sandal

Dr. Scholls Original Max Platform Sandal

Original P by Dr. Schollastel Sandal collection

Sandal from the original collection of Dr. Scholl

Dr. Scholls Rock On Slide Sandal

Dr. Scholl’s Rock On Slide Sandal

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