Fabelmans costume designer Mark Bridges hid subtle Easter eggs

If You’re Very Careful During Steven Spielberg’s Oscar Nominee The Fabelmansyou might be able to spot the subtle little Easter eggs that costume designer Mark Bridges slipped into Michelle Williams and Paul Dano’s costumes.

Metaphorical Easter eggs, that is.

From turquoise earrings to a special bolo tie, the iconic costume designer behind movies like Joker, Phantom Thread, Licorice Pizza, The Artist, there will be bloodand Silver Linings Playbook took great pains to pay homage to Steven Spielberg’s parents by giving a little secret nod to their personal sense of style.

In The Fabelmans, Williams plays Mitzi Fabelman, a fictionalized version of Spielberg’s real mother, Leah, while Paul Dano plays Burt Fabelman, based on Spielberg’s father, Arnold. The film tells the story of Spielberg’s childhood, from moving to California and pursuing his love of movies to the implosion of his parents’ marriage.

“There are pictures of Arnold, the father, wearing a bolo tie with a little lucite-encrusted scorpion, and I happen to own one, so I was able to use it on Paul,” Bridges says. . Filmmaker. “These little Easter eggs that I love putting in there, just for a quiet sense of appreciation for Steven and his sisters to notice that we’re touching his parents.”

Bridges had fun recreating Spielberg’s mom’s unique sense of style on Michelle Williams.

“I tried to use a pair of her mom’s earrings on Michelle, and they were beautiful and they were cool, and her sister Sue lent them to me and I had them in my possession,” says Mark Bridges .

“Unfortunately, they weren’t really photogenic. They would somehow divert Michelle’s attention. We actually went with something that was inspired by Leah’s love for southwest turquoise jewelry. She designed jewelry and objects so that we found things that were… very beautiful and complex, but less awkward for photography. I always have to streamline my designs…so they don’t take you offstage.

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Bridges was able to piece together an image of how Leah dressed through 8mm film and family photos.

“There’s his love of white, his love of pearls, his love of the peter pan collar,” says Mark Bridges. “What she wears changes from the 50s and 60s until the last scene. The ladder kind of tells the story of the passage of time. She loved one-piece overalls – we use that kind of clothing many times. I recreated a dress she wore on vacation, or I have a picture of her playing the piano in that yellow organdy dress she wears.

He also asked Spielberg’s sisters Nancy, Sue and Anne to bounce their ideas off and paint a more in-depth portrait of Leah’s fashion sense and personality.

“I was also lucky enough to have a conference call with all the sisters and choose their brains, like, ‘What do you remember what your mother wore?’ One thing was a Bernardo sandal, which is like a string sandal she used to wear, or a Lands’ [End] nightgown,” he says. “So every little clue I find, where do I put it? Where can I use that to tell a story about him, but have it be a beautiful moment on screen? »

The Fabelmans now playing in theaters.

Main image: Paul Dano and Michelle Williams in The Fabelmans

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