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Nike is far from its origins as a dedicated running shoe brand. The company, which will soon be celebrating its 60th anniversary, now offers a wide range of footwear, equipment and clothing spanning the gamut of fitness, athletics and fashion. The best Nike shoes are undoubtedly found near (or on) the top of the shoe pantheon, and the iconic Nike “Swoosh” logo is widely regarded as one of the most recognizable logos on the planet. Fortunately for outdoor enthusiasts, Nike’s shoe arsenal is no longer limited to walking, trail and road running shoes. It has expanded to include a stellar line of hiking shoes that work for everything from short, relaxed hikes to day runs.

The best Nike hiking shoes differ from hiking shoes in that they are much lighter and more breathable. Nike shoes in general are known for their supreme cushioning and flexibility, which makes them excellent for fast hiking. They are also easier to store than boots and do not need to be broken in before wearing. That said, hiking shoes offer less support and protection than boots. The cuff of a hiking shoe usually stops at or below the ankle, and the shoe itself offers a lot less support, so you have to be careful of ankle wraps and other similar injuries.

Nike hiking shoes are perfect for day hikes, and many experienced hikers even prefer to use hiking shoes rather than boots when backpacking. Nike doesn’t make a lot of dedicated hiking shoes, but they do have a wide range of trail running shoes, which are extremely similar.

Can you hike in Nike trail running shoes?

The short answer is yes. Trail running shoes make great hiking shoes, but the reverse is usually not true. Runners touch the ground much harder than walkers, so trail running shoes have extra cushion. They also have more flexibility to adapt to the dynamic movement of running on trails and other rough terrain.

For this reason, dedicated hiking shoes are usually too stiff and have too little cushion to function as running shoes. However, Nike trail running shoes are wonderful hiking shoes, if you don’t mind the lack of support (and the increased cushioning and flex).

When selecting the best Nike hiking shoes for you, you want to take into account the shape of your foot and the difficulty of the trails you plan to hike. Most importantly, consider your physical condition and level of experience. As we mentioned above, hiking boots will naturally offer less support and protection than hiking boots, so you will need to think about the nature of the hike you are considering. If you are planning on encountering mud, heavy undergrowth, or carrying a heavy load, then looking at some of the best hiking boots might be a better choice. If you are a beginner hiker, a more rugged shoe like the Pegasus Trail 3 might be a great choice, or if you’re not sure which hiking shoe is the right choice for you, a budget option like the Juniper Trail. can be a nice entry into the genre.

Now, let’s dive into the seven best Nike hiking shoes available today.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 Trail Running Shoes

Best all-rounder

The phenomenal Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 was rated one of the best trail running shoes this year (rated “Best for Hard, Quick Burns”), but for many of the same reasons, it’s also a great hiking shoe. . Sponsored ultrarunner Kevin Hadfield called the Terra Kiger “an exceptional shoe for short, hard efforts on the trail,” and it is known for both its superior comfort and durability on rugged trails. It also has a neutral arch that works well for a variety of foot types.

It sports a wide toe box, low drop height (4.5 millimeters), updated traction cleats and an ultralight shank. It’s pretty minimalist when it comes to hiking boots, but stellar for fast hiking, if you can cope with the lack of support.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Nike Pegasus 3 Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoes

Best Nike hiking shoes for wet weather

The rugged Gore-Tex iteration of the Pegasus 3 is Nike’s answer to hiking (and trail running) in the elements. Featuring a reinforced toe box and full GTX shank for added durability, the Pegasus 3 Gore-Tex is one of Nike’s most rugged trail running shoes, perfect for those who live in rainy climates or like to hike the trails in wet weather. Most customers agree that these are standout Nike shoes for hiking and running, with great cushioning and shock absorption – although some have noted that the updated toe box is a bit tight. , so a half size is a good option.

Nike Pegasus 3 Gore-Tex

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Trail Running Shoes

Ideal for new hikers

The emphasis on support and traction makes the Pegasus Trail 3 a first choice for new hikers or trail runners. This is possibly the best Nike beginner hiking shoe on the market, with more than enough style and technology to tackle the best hiking boots.

Customers praise the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 for its wide heel, which provides excellent stability and control to maintain balance and speed over rough terrain. A new dynamic band system around the midfoot adds support to the shoe, while the rubber sole features a ‘shockwave’ traction pattern mimicking the design of mountain bike tires, with additional heel and heel traction. The point.

Nike Pegasus Trail 3

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Nike Juniper Trail Trail Running Shoes

Best budget shoes

At just $ 70, the Juniper trail is a fraction of the price of most Nike hiking shoes. Still, it offers incredible traction and a lightweight construction that will appeal to both novice hikers looking for a low-cost starter shoe and experts looking for a burner shoe to handle rough trails.

Designed with an internal liner that secures the foot and is supported by Nike’s famous “Flywire” cables for added stability, this shoe is a great performance on rough terrain. Meanwhile, the tapered studs on the outsole provide high-quality traction, especially considering the bargain price.

Nike Juniper Trail

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Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes

Ideal for technical terrains

The Juniper Trail performs well on rough trails, especially considering its low price tag, but if you’re looking for a Nike hiking shoe that can really tackle technical terrain and help maintain balance, look no further. that the Wild horse 7. The high abrasion rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs provides durable, reliable traction on the toughest trails, and the skins at the toe increase durability. The shoe also features a neutral foam midsole suitable for all types of feet and a well-fitting gaiter collar that prevents rocks, sand, dirt or other mud from slipping into your shoe and damaging it. ‘obstruct your performance.

Overall, customers rated the size ‘spot on’ and were impressed with the shoe’s immediate comfort right out of the box.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield Trail Running Shoes

Best road-trail hybrid

Many people want an all-round hiking shoe that can work on the trails in cold or bad weather, but can also hit the road if needed. The Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield wins the top prize in this category, with a warm, weatherproof and waterproof construction that makes it a customer favorite for winter racing. One reviewer notes the “warm, dry and grippy” construction, in addition to classic Nike comfort. Others also mention how noticeably the Pegasus 38 Shield is roomier than the previous iteration, the Pegasus 37.

Minimal treads won’t perform as well on messy and uneven trails, but does a good job if you’re hiking at a moderate clip. If you are looking for a comfortable Nike hiking shoe that can go trail to road and back, even in bad weather, this is your best bet.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Shield

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Nike Sandal Canyon Hiking Sandals

Best open hiking shoes

Not all hiking boots need to be shoes! Many experienced hikers prefer to walk with hiking sandals, due to their added breathability and light weight, not to mention the fact that they are usually much cheaper than a full-fledged shoe. the Sandal Canyon is one of best hiking sandals, with a thick, comfortable layer of dual density foam underfoot and a three-point adjustment system to fine-tune your fit. A comfortable back strap secures your Achilles, while added rubber on the toe and heel provides solid traction alongside the deep grooves and lugs on the outsole.

Nike Canyon Sandal

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

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