20 best black sneakers for women, 2021 – cute and economical


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It might be overkill, but black sneakers for women are the perfect everyday sneakers. Hear Us: Black sneakers go pretty much with any outfit and offer endless styling possibilities. Like any sneaker, you can choose a black sneaker that offers as much or as little support as you need. There are athletic sneakers, slip-ons, and authentic sneakers like the classic Chuck Taylor’s all in black and ready to take you where you need to go.

Sports sneakers tend to be bright and colorful, which is great if that’s the vibe you’re after. But if you’re feeling more neutral shoes these days, you can’t go wrong with solid black. Sneakers are a wardrobe staple that can be worn for any occasion – literally anything (not just for training!) It’s a comfortable, stylish and trendy alternative to heels, wedges. , sandals, etc. I mean, how cool are you in a midi skirt and a pair of sneakers ?!

Below is a list of the best black sneakers for women, including those in mesh, leather and canvas. Whether you are looking for a great pair of black sneakers for a work uniform, sportswear, or just for everyday living, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Best black sneakers for women

Amazon Essentials is good at what it does: offering low prices on quality, everyday items like these black sneakers that are cheap, sturdy, and comfortable. They have some arch support and a cushioned sockliner, and they’re classically cute. “Better than expected!” said one reviewer. “I found them to be medium in width and very comfortable. I wore them for a full day of walking in Disneyland. I didn’t have blisters and my feet weren’t too tired. Definitive victory! I plan to order more in all available colors.

$ 19.60 AT AMAZON

If you only buy one pair of shoes for the rest of your life (or the next year or so), that pair should be this one. Allbirds are known for their insane comfort. Put on a pair of these babies and you will be changed forever. They provide the support you need and the comfort you deserve. They’re made with merino wool and are so soft and comfortable that you don’t even have to wear socks – but you can if you like, obv.


If you’re on your feet most of the day, these stylish Nike sneakers are the way to go. According to reviews, they feel like they are walking on clouds, even after several hours of wearing. In fact, countless reviews say these breathable and flexible shoes are the best sneakers they’ve ever worn in a long time.

$ 64.99 To DSW

There is no more classic than Chuck Taylors. Either you love them or you hate them, but if it’s the first, now is a great time to invest in a pair of blacks. Why? Well why not? You can wear them with anything and they bring an old school vibe to any outfit.


Espedrille sneakers? Yeah, that’s one thing! If you are obsessed with the details of these Journee sneakers, you are not the only one. As well as being cute, they also have a breathable lining and an ultra-cushioning footbed for added comfort. Oh, and they’re suede! A Macy’s reviewer officially made these sneakers a member of the Essentials group and said, “These are really cute and comfortable shoes. Also like the heel height. Can be worn with just about anything.

$ 59.50 AT MACY’S

You probably won’t want to run a marathon in these New Balance sneakers, but you’ll love them for a low-key exercise like lifting weights or walking. They are lightweight and have a memory foam sole for added comfort, as well as room for your own orthotics if needed. The shoes are of regular size and wide for the best possible fit.


Apparently we are Great in the classics, because these Saucony Hornet sneakers take us back to 1975. They feature an EVA midsole for lightweight comfort, a suede upper and a small rise at the top of the sporty look. old school. “Trendy and comfortable little sneaker!” said a DSW customer. “Comfortable and trusted brand. Great sneaker for walking.

$ 59 To DSW

Alright, what’s cute !? You will love these sneakers that look a lot like a unique version of the Adidas Gazelle shoe. These babies are not only daring, but they’re super comfy too! Prepare for all the compliments you get, as reviewers say it happens every time they use the Nizza Platform Sneaker. “Excellent,” said one reviewer. “Perfectly comfortable. It’s a great buy. I was in seventh heaven when I felt how my feet were. It was like lying in a bed of fresh water, just heaven. I am buying the other colors soon.

$ 65.99 AT ADIDAS

These handmade sneakers are awesome for several reasons. They have a classic look, they are made of premium natural materials, they are handmade for comfort and they arrive in recycled and carbon neutral packaging. Not to mention, they feel great on your feet, and you’ll probably want a pair of all colors.


Does memory foam improve everything? Yes Yes. The memory foam insole of these walking shoes absorbs the impact when you walk or do a light workout. They’re great for all-day comfort – and over 11,000 Amazon reviewers agree. One reviewer wrote: “I was a little skeptical about ordering these shoes since it’s not a brand I’ve heard of. I’m glad I tried my luck !! I am up all day at work and these shoes are light and comfortable.

$ 29.99 AT AMAZON

You probably wore at least a pair of Keds when you were a kid. Turns out they’re not just for kids! Made of canvas with a rubber sole, these shoes are as comfortable and stylish as you thought when your parents bought them for you. If you’re looking for the classic Keds Champion Canvas sneakers, Amazon has them too!

$ 45.60 AT AMAZON

A pretty white border on a black tennis shoe won’t hurt you, mom. These Mix No. 6 sneakers are super unique with a ribbed toe and an effortlessly stylish look. Bonus points for being comfortable too! One reviewer said, “I love sneakers. They are comfortable and fit well. They give a retro and modern feel. Uh, okay!

$ 29.99 To DSW

With over 43,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, these slip-on sneakers are definitely worth considering for casual wear or workouts. They are made from stretch mesh for breathability. According to reviews, the shoes don’t offer the support you need for long-distance running, but they’re great for less intense workouts. One reviewer wrote: “The most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and I get so many compliments and questions about them. Super sneakers! Good for running.

$ 41.99 AT AMAZON

Women’s black leather sneakers

You get the best of both worlds with these sneakers, and not just because they’re made from both leather and suede. Wear these beauties with jeans, dress, skirt or yoga pants. They seem to be inspired by the insanely popular (and insanely expensive) Golden Goose sneakers, only these are several hundred dollars cheaper, which we’re definitely here for.


The nostalgia that accompanies these sneakers is real. These classics are less bulky than the average sneaker and offer a more feminine look. The shoes are versatile when it comes to size – they come in standard, narrow, wide and extra wide.

And if you’re looking for the classic canvas version of the Keds Champion sneaker, find it here!

$ 54.95 AT KEDS

It’s always a fun day when you find a great pair of shoes that you can wear for intense workouts that can also pass as an everyday casual shoe. (Today is today!) These leather sneakers have all the cushioning and shock absorption to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

$ 49.95 AT AMAZON

Solid black can be fancy too, mom. If the crocodile detail doesn’t make these sneakers your new ‘go out’ shoe, then the comfy sockliner and cushioned sole will!

$ 199.99 To DSW

Soludos is without a doubt a fan favorite, with words like “perfect” and “super cute” all over the reviews. These leather sneakers will take you from work to extracurricular activities with your kids to the evening (if you’re lucky… ah, the evening). There are several other color options for this shoe, but they are all super stylish and cute, so good luck choosing just one!


Hello, perfect professional sneakers. Whether you’re running around for work or sitting still all day, these sneakers are ideal for saving you from needing a foot massage at the end of your shift. Oh, who are we kidding? Anyone could use a foot massage at the end of the day. “These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned,” said an Amazon customer. “I wore them right out of the box with no break-in period. They are comfortable, light, the arch support is perfectly adapted and the toe area is also very comfortable.

$ 33.17 AT AMAZON

You know what you are getting when you buy a pair of classic Adidas sneakers. The soft Cloudfoam padding makes this pair a great option for any job that requires you to stand for long periods of time, or you know, if you find yourself walking around a place like the zoo with your kids.

$ 54.37 AT AMAZON

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New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Trainers

$ 55

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

$ 41.99

Nike Tanjun Trainers

$ 64.99

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox

$ 55

Amazon Essentials Shelly Trainers

$ 19.60

Akk memory foam sneakers

$ 29.99

Sneakers sold Kickstart Keds

$ 45.60

Adidas Nizza platform trainers

$ 65.99

Saucony Hornet Trainers

$ 59

Sam Edelman Aubrie sneakers

$ 39.97

Classic leather trainers Soludos Ibiza

$ 129

Keds Champion Original leather sneakers

$ 54.95

New Balance 608 V5 elliptical trainer

$ 49.95

Fila Workshift training shoe

$ 33.17

Adidas Originals Cloudfoam Advantage Sne …

$ 54.37

Cariuma sneakers in all black canvas

$ 79

Allbirds Wool Treadmill

$ 95

Journee Collection Jordi Espadrilles Snea …

$ 59.50

Stuart Weitzman Daryl sneakers

$ 199.99

Cassy Mix n ° 6 sneakers

$ 29.99


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